10 tips for your home to stay safe from burglars

Have a good ,thick shrubbery or bushes along the fences and under the windows

There are tons of thorny plants which grow in bushes and are frequently used specifically for this reason. It’s all natural that burglars don’t like these. In addition keep them well trimmed to eliminate the chances of them providing a hiding spot in any ways.

You have to keep a good, tall fence

No matter they are solid or open chain –link type (best secured in concrete at the bottom) make sure your fence is hard to get through. The best method is still to have a sharp-pointed top, some people even put broken glasses in this area to eliminate chances of someone easily climbing through there.

Keep all the worthy items well locked and out of sight

If your shed or garage door is easy to be opened, get a good locksmith service in Poole to mend these for you and provide them with some additional protection as both these are very vulnerable for breaking-ins.

Make sure all windows are equipped with good, thick curtains

Curtains which are only minimally transparent but can get light through are the best to be installed in windows especially when it comes to sheds, garage windows or kitchen windows. When you are away, keep these pulled in, so that burglars don’t see through all that easily.

Culminate a good relationship with your neighbours

Neighbours can prove to be a great extra help for you, as they can easily spot someone who doesn’t belong there, and can alert you of any suspicious movements around your house. Most of the times, it’s the neighbours, who call the police when sensing or seeing burglar activity in their neighbourhood.

Motion sensory lighting at the entrance areas

We are well aware that not everyone is crazy for motion sensors, especially if they have pets moving outside or live in an area where the local wildlife is pretty active. But the good news about this is, that motion sensory lighting can really help keep burglars away. Only make sure the strong light would not interrupt your sleep.

Keeping the whole area well lighted

Dark corners, hallways and streets are great spots for burglars to hide. This is why there needs to be a good lighting system all around your home, to eliminate this possibility.

Protect your balcony door locks even on the second or third floors

People often tend to forget about protecting the higher situated areas, because they are more problematic to reach. But many burglaries are very opportunistic. A shed left open, a ladder left by the side of the house can serve a good reason for someone to try and climb in. Get a good Poole locksmith to ensure your windows and doors do have sufficient protection even on the higher floors