Anti-burglary precautions you may not even thought of

There are several steps you can take to ensure home security. Let’s take a look at some interesting tips from a locksmith company which you may not have read about before. Most of these tips have an easy resolution, while others may take some time and money to provide but make sure you have most of them ensured to feel safer at home

Your entrance area should be clear and visible from the street

We know it’s beautiful to have some great looking pushes, plants and other decoration items around the entrance but have these not stand too close to the entrance area to avoid one of these act as a hiding spot for any possible intruder. Alternatively get everything you would like to use for decoration only make sure these are smaller and therefore would not act as hiding spots and would not take away the clear visibility to the entrance area from the outside.

Your house number or street number should be clearly visible

It’s indeed very important although many people may not even think about this. Check if the current street- or house number is clearly visible from a distance even. If so, it’s great as it’s all the easier for police or ER to find your home in case of any emergency happening.

Choose deadbolt locks where you can

Today’s modern automated deadbolt locks can also be operated with the help of an app on your phone (however this may bring out other vulnerability issues on the long-term). All in all when it comes to someone trying to force getting in, deadbolt have proved to be one of the most difficult sort of locks to get through. Deadbolt works very well on all doors which open to the outside and mostly need a key to open.

Your garage overall security

Garage is one of the most common areas which are used by burglars for getting in a home. People pay surprisingly no attention to the security of the garage and the connecting door that leads from the garage to the home is also among the most vulnerable targets for burglars. Have additional protective latches and locks installed reinforce the garage windows and install a curtain or any window sticker that may prevent anyone from looking inside. Smart window locks installed by an experienced Poole locksmith service can also be a big help in keeping intruders away. Remember, remote lock is not enough

Eliminate all possible climb-through spots on the outside

Check well through the backyard area particularly the fences and see if they are tall enough to withstand any climb-through attempts and make sure they are spiked on the top especially if they are brick walls. Spiked, grilled fences are a big favourite for being the most protective. But any other fences which have a good concrete base and cannot be climbed through, cut through or dig through are good to go.

Also, don’t forget to apply some basic precautions, such as locking your doors and windows. If you have alarm turn if on when leaving.