Things to watch out for when obtaining a home insurance

There are several times when we need a certified, experienced locksmith. However would you have thought that you would need to consider what stands in your home insurance before getting new locks? Indeed home insurance and locksmith services go hand in hand several times. Let’s take a look at some of the key instances when you will need to check on your home insurance and get such a locksmith who is also familiar with the relevant clauses.

The usage of safety locks

It is one thing that you have safety locks in your home. However, there are some key clauses in your home insurance which you need to consider:

Locks that are according to British Standard

It’s essential for you to be aware of the fact that most British Home Insurance company will require you to have locks that are up to British standard. These include 3 key types of locks and also determines which lock can be situated on which sort of door. A good locksmith such as is well aware of this fact. That’s why, before you commit to a home insurance you will need to call a good locksmith service in Manchester to walk around, determine the current level of safety, the state and quality of your locks and then let you know which locks would be needed to change in order for you to suit the insurance requirements.

Additional locks for windows, garage, etc.

Additional locks are essential for your safety, but remember, when it comes to burglary happening you will need to prove that these were locked by the time of burglary happening, otherwise nothing will be paid to you.

Home emergency assistance

Home emergency is also a clause in your home insurance which you may need to look for, as it may not be organically added to the basic package. This covers emergency instances such as the breakdown of vital home appliances such as the boiler, fridge or electricity outage and it also covers instances when you lose your keys. This way it should also cover the cost when you have to call a locksmith to break into your home and change the locks because of lost or stolen keys. Many insurance companies have their own line of 24hour locksmith services you can call when this sort of emergency happens.

Make sure you read every single clause of your home insurance especially the exclusion criteria, as the insurance companies are extremely smart when it comes to what exactly they would and wouldn’t cover.