5 useful tips to protect your home from burglary while being on holidays

None of us would ever want to get home to witness the ugly and saddening sight of a robbed home. It is not only totally upsetting as for the thought, but it can also leave you with a big loss, especially if you have forgotten to insure your home. Let’s give you a few tips and tricks to avoid burglary which does still happen on a daily basis.

Never hide the key around the entrance area

It may take you by surprise but the majority of robberies do happen without even having to kick in or break a lock. Burglars would often use the not-so-well-hidden spare key to enter in a home and this way, not even the neighbours would alarm you, thinking it’s just a friend or a relative who gets into your home.

Burglars do know the same way you do what the general spots are where people like to hide their extra keys in case they get closed out or in case a friend or relative needs to go over in a hurry. Therefore avoid those areas (under the entrance rug, in any sort of pottery, under a bush etc.) because that’s the first place any less seasoned burglar would look for them.

Let neighbours or landlord know about your time being away

If you happen to have direct neighbours it’s useful to let them know that you are away, therefore anyone, even dressed in all sorts of uniforms (electrician, transporter etc.) enquires about your home or whereabouts would get strictly turned down on the first attempt. This is especially important in residential apartment buildings where porters and landlords do have a key to your apartment and may easily give in to such attempts.

Let the lights turned on

There is lots of energy saving LED lights which can be on for days without the danger of getting pre-heated or consuming too much energy. You can freely leave one of such lights on in a key area where it can be seen from the outside, when being away this way your house will be way less tempting for burglars than the other dark houses which look and feel empty in the same time.

Ask a friend or family member to visit

They don’t have to drop over every single day, but it’s good for your home not to be seen empty all the time. They can also help rearrange the entrance area or empty your driveway and post boxes, which are often the key sign for burglars alarming them about an empty home.

Get a good locksmith service in Poole to check and if needed also to reinstall or reinforce your current locks

We don’t pay much of an attention to the actual state of our locks and neither to the exact quality had they been installed. Often, bad installing of locks leads to being very easy to be dismantled within a matter of minutes. A good Poole locksmith will be able to instantly see what’s wrong and what should be changed, mended or reinforced. This is especially important before longer journeys.