Locks to use for your outside areas

We may tend to forget that we may have some valuable belongings which we wouldn’t be happy to lose or getting robbed of, which includes all the expensive grass cutters and other gardening machines, other tools not to mention the garage which can be vulnerable enough especially when it has an additional entrance inside your home. Let’s see what’s approved and what’s not by home insurance companies.

Bolts and latches

Bolts especially steel ones can prove a good protection, however they must only be used as an additional way of securing a door from the inside, next to another standard lock.


There are two key types of padlocks, closed shackle and open shackle ( old style) padlocks. Let’s see the key difference between these two:

Other vulnerabilities that need fixing before you turn to locksmiths in Poole:

A lock is not worth much if the door it protects is vulnerable on its own. Let’s see a couple of handy examples for that:

Locksmiths in Poole are great to have your door mended, your lock replaced and the supportive items reinforced you need to make sure to do some more if you see your garden buildings would not be able to withstand any outside pressure. Or at the very least, don’t store anything of higher value in them.