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 Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks

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by Geoffrey Godden FRSA
765 PAGES. 4,516 entries.Thousands of Marks illustrated. Hardback.d/w.
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 British Ceramics, British pottery and porcelain marks, british ceramics, ceramic books.

British Ceramics , Ceramic marks, pottery marks, porcelain marks, british porcelain, british pottery


British ceramics, Handbook of marks, British pottery, British porcelain, ceramic marks

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 An obvious but certainly necessary first choice for any collector if they have an interest in British ceramics, and from a dealers point of view absolutely essential.
First published in 1964 and still in print today, the best all round source book for British ceramic marks. Referred to by some antique dealers as the Bible for ceramic marks, and the author himself is often referred to as God. Somewhat irreverent perhaps, but indicating the importance of both book and the author in the antiques trade.

Apart from in depth research of Trade Registers, Pottery Diaries, Patent Office records etc. Dr. Godden obtained the Staffordshire Potteries records of one Alfred Meigh. Alfred Meigh compiled these over a 25 year period from the Staffordshire rates records before they were destroyed during the last war.
Geoffrey Godden obtained this unique archive of information and marks, and has enlarged and improved upon it in his various published works.

The main part of the book lists the companies in alphabetical order, along with illustrations of marks, and the periods for which each mark was used by that company. Brief information on the company, former and subsequent partnerships, and their location in the book are given. An indication of whether the mark was impressed in the clay or printed on the item is also given.
The sample page illustrated here under the name A.B. Jones& Sons illustrates 11 different versions of printed marks used by the factory between 1900 and the 1960's, and including the names Grafton and Royal Grafton. If you were to look up Grafton or Royal Grafton in the alphabetical list you would be directed to this A.B Jones page.
These printed marks would be only a part of those used by the company and variations did occur. Many maker's marks include the initials of the factory (in this case A.B.J.) and although the design of the mark may change, the initials would remain as an indicator to the manufacturer. Beneath most marks is an approximate date when this type of mark was introduced, by taking the next mark in the sequence, and its date of introduction, you can estimate the date of the item you are researching.
Although this book offers the largest and most accurate collection of British ceramic marks available it cannot illustrate or describe the tens of thousands of variations of factory marks used over a 250 year period. A bit of detective work using the initials or part of the design to locate a manufacturer may be necessary. To assist in this the author includes an index of signs and devices and monograms. Also included is a list of unidentified marks used by, as yet,unknown manufacturers or illustrated in other publications with perhaps a dubious attribution.
Although in its 36 year life there have been very few changes to the content, the author has tried to persuade the publishers to allow a full and revised edition. In the mean time the New Handbook of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks, which is a greatly reduced version of Dr. Godden's book, provides new information on some marks and potters, but more importantly includes the listing of patterns and shapes registrations from 1842 to 1883. Using this list, if a piece bears the triangular registration mark and letter codes, it is possible not only to date the item but often find the name of the manufacturer involved.
Add the handbook to the larger edition or purchase separately if an abbreviated version with registration lists is more in keeping with your needs.

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Current publishers retail price is £ 45.00

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